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Hello, my name is Jorn Feenstra and i live in IJlst it's a small town in the north of Holland. I work fulltime at a car parts store. In June last year i got my Miata, it's imported from Philadelphia to Holland in 1996. It's got 100.000 Miles on it and it has a complete service history. The car is great fun to drive, especially in the wet when i can drift it around! Before the Miata i drove a VW Polo for 2 years.

I have done a lot of work to the Mazda since i have it. Major things like:

Timing belt + tensioners + waterpump + new coolant
Front and rear crankshaft oilseals, camshaft oilseals.
Changing the differential oil, gearbox oil, engine oil + oilfilter
All brake discs + brakepads and two new rear calipers
Complete new clutch + Throwout bearing

After i picked it up:

Sold the chrome luggage rack and put on a slightly bigger exhaust tip:

Then i bought some nice used 14 inch wheels with new tires:

Hardtop for the winter:

I noticed a lot of heat coming from the shifter and the rest of the center console. This heat was coming from torn shifter rubbers so i changed those.
This is what came out:

Decat pipe fitted:

Sounds like this:
Then i saw these nice wheels on marktplaats (dutch Ebay) i gave the seller a call and we made a nice deal:

Matching white striping:

Here you can see the new windshieldwiper spoilers i put on:

The 14 inch wheels had gotten some curb damage so i painted them black and put them back on the car for the winter. Because those white wheels require bit too much polishing with the weather we're having at the moment here in Holland, after just 1 day of driving they are dirty again and i mean REAL **** brown like dirty. So i put those back on in May or so when the weather gets better. I also put a new fuel lid on last week:

I also did some modifications to the interior:

Chrome details on the dashboard, and the doorlevers
New floormats
Bigger armrest in the driverside door
LED interior lighting
New Pioneer speakers
Steeringwheel cover, (also covers up the worn leather on the wheel)

New horn, a bit louder and deeper sound than stock:

This is how the engine looks at te moment:

Eyes open

Put some funny stickers on

That's about it for now. But i have plans of lowering the car a few inches in the future and put some leather seats in and i want a new stainles steel header + bbk catback exhaust. But at the moment i don't have the money for it. I keep you guys updated !

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Those foggy headlights are not so foggy anymore, turned out that they just were VERY dirty, i cleaned em and it made a huge difference :D I will make a picture of them very soon. Thank you guys for the positive comments ;)
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