Newbie to the forum, not to Miatas

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I bought a red '91 base model with only A/C and LSD new in April, '91 and drove it for 116k miles and loved every minute of it. Autocrossed it, road raced it (and another in SCCA's SSC class) and commuted in it. Never changed the clutch and the only problems I had with it were sticking rear calipers after sitting for several weeks, an opaque rear window at about 70k miles and a smell of plastic burning once in a while (I think due to passing over thick, clear plastic on the highway somewhere and it stuck to the exhaust). Sold it to a friend who turned it into a dedicated track car and it still runs today on the original unrebuilt engine.

So, I now have a reawakened interest in finding an early car. Hopefully, as early a 1.8 as I can find with LSD and A/C. Would ove a hardtop and I think I'd like one Mariner Blue. I used to Autocross with a guy who had a Mar. Blue one and it's just a little different. Will mod from there with tasteful wheels, slightly revised suspension, maybe engine tweaks, etc.

So I'll be lurking here for some time....

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no mariner blues with a 1.8 stock, but you could go for a laguna blue, thats an awesome color.

anyways welcome to the board :mrgreen:
welcome back

aren't miatas like pringles.. once you pop you just can't stop :lol:

hey.. wait..base models come with lsd? or did you install it yourself?
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