Nice widebody NA

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I found it somewhere in the Racing Graffiti Boys website:

Lots of interesting stuff on it: hood, side mirrors, headlights, flares :mrgreen:
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That is the hawtness!!! That kinda looks like the BRS widebody with the newer GV front bumper.

The mirrors kinda look like the old Active Sports version.

PhatMiata :mrgreen:
Mirrors are some aftermarket Civic Mirros
Headlights are modified Silvia units WOW!
Neat :)
I'd be scared to drive it :) Looks interesting to say the least.

Doubt anyone would consider your miata gay if it looked like that.
miata's with widebodies are awesome.
A Silvia headlight? Interesting, can anyone recognize it?
i can't. and i've seen quite a few in my day.
Its cool to see some more pics of the garage vary gt fender kit on different cars. Maybe they ment they used the projectors out of a silvia and custom mounted them.
I think I like the miata next to it better :shock:
I think I like the miata next to it better :shock:
Agreed; I think its pretty horrendous. Might have taken some skill (of some kind) to0 put together, but whoever did it doesn't understand straight edges and NAs don't go together. Keep that for the Lego Roadster.
well, i sure like it. its definitely the Garage Vary GT Fender kit with their new Type N front bumper. those headlights aren't my cup of tea, but the mirrors aren't too bad.

well, i played around with that first pic of the car and made it all a little easier to see. that pic was just too dark.



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ok, i really suck at navigating these japanese websites. i want to see more pics of that miata, but i can't even find that original pic on the website.

looks a bit like a dogs dinner to me. not a fan

maybe its the colour or the lights
quick translation:

Exterior: aero kit garage very reforming for the GT fender kit

headlight NISSAN Silvia (the original work)

the aero mirror fender N2 over fender for mirror unclear [shibitsuku]
forgot to comment, THATS F'N HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like those oldschool Porsche race cars..
*seeing some 959 in the lines*
I love the engrish on that page, very JDM !!!

garage berry EARO kit wearing!
It is renewed by carrying out all paint!!

↑ FAMI rear engine 換装,
It is GT28/35 turbine loading and is 250ps 超!
All are 槍杉 (juice) anyhow.
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