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Interesting how this car has gotten such varied reactions! I think it represents the more modern/racy look, as opposed to the classic nostalgic look, or the "clean NA" look. I can appreciate them all, and I'm personally trying to find the balance between the three...if it's at all possible :roll:

Yeha...a clean classic racy NA with hints of nostalgia, that's the way to go :lol:

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hey gang, i found some build up pics of this guy's GV wide bodied roadster. check it out.

what i love about this kit is the quality of the GV parts. i love how the front is a complete front fender and the rear is a complete quarter panel. i also like how the side skirt ends at the front fender and the skirt portion beyond that is actually part of the fender.

well, i know that not eveyone likes this kit, but those of us that do, just go ahead and drool, its ok. :D


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