NitroDanns Na6

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Hey guys,
Im a long time poster on mx5cartalk and new here,

Straight to it,
I bought the car 3 years ago off a bloke called Qidi in melbourne, I had 10 grand in the bank and a one way plane ticket to melbourne, and 2 cars in mind.
An na6 that looked jdm as f*uck in the photos, but I was told was rough IRL. And a series 2 rx7 with mint paint and a full series 5 swap with an extend bridgeported 13b and 51mm webers.

I took the mx5, and the photos go something like this..

I must point out that im pretty sure the photos are heavily shopped as it NEVER looked this clean or paint flake free in real life.

It was a mostly stock na6. It had a very nice cat back, a pod filter, HKS hippermaxxIII coilovers, whiteline sways and the gorgeous SSR professors, but they are 16s ( :cry: ).
I drove it the long way back from melbourne and by the time I got back teh diff was so noisy, the PO had replaced all the fluids to sell it and put gearbox fluid in the diff and it was rooted.

So I kept it pretty well like that for ages only changing wheels and suspension alignment and removing a bit of the heavy stuff.

Then I got hit by a 4x4 and it needed repairs.
Heres some photos where you can see the damage, some are at the local hillclimb track, some at bullahdelah hillclimb.

Local track, also this cheeky photo of my stroked n13 pulsar club car, yes thats 2nd gear smoke downhill both front tyres.

So it was about time for some mods, so I bought an engine and gearbox and diff package ready to go. It was 5000km old and built by the owner of an engine shop for his personal car.
Its a b6 with the following,
Fully balanced bottom end (some crazy number like 22 hours balancing)
acl race series everything,
275 degree custom Wagget cams, 12mm lift,
solid lifters,
HEAVILY ported head with +1 stainless valves,
10.5:1 compression,
adjustable cam gears,
1.8 shaved flywheel with an exedy brass button 4 puck clutch,
6 speed, supposedly SE, like it matters, gearbox,
4.1 torsen,
With an older model Link ecu. some nice 4-2-1 extractors as well going to a 2.5 mandrel stainless system.

I also got a 1.6 lsd with it, but that died in months like my other 3 1.6 diffs have done.

So with the money I got to repair my car from the 4x4 driver who hit me, I bought stuff for it.

I bought a 4.1 torsen with driveshafts and tailshaft, I bought an intercooler, a Garret gt2554, along with other goodies, though i must add that the car is NOT turbo at the moment, just the rest of it.

Ive made a cowl style intake for it which is VERY effective, along with homemade engine mounts, toyota individual coil over plugs (the type with no leads just 4 big powerful coils straight on each plug) some big 550cc injectors along with E85, been on E85 for over a year now. Along with many other things that results in a 0-100 time around 6 seconds flat. A few tenths into the 5s on a good day.

The computer got an afm delete and Ive wired up a 2 step launch control setup, along with flat shifting.

The car also has quite a few braces welded in an this lists of parts are not on the car.

air con
Power steering,
heater has been back in for winter, but hasnt worked so its out this week,
boot lining and all carpet
all heat shields except for manifold and intake shields, very necessary for good power those are,
sound deadening
wiring that wasnt needed after removal of other things and ecu upgrade,
inner guards
all windows including hardtop window, except quarter windows and windshield,
also all of the window winder and motor parts
The covers around the lights,
and the inner bumpers, under the front and rear bars.
Engine fans.

The car has an extensively ducted 52mm alloy radiator which works extremely well

Its also recently been painted by me. Its a dodgy home job but hey its a daily driven track bitch what are you gonna do?

And finally engine bay photos, NOTE: these are older photos and so dont show a few things like the radiator.

So thats that for now.

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Glad to see you on here Dann!
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