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Here are some pictures:

As there are already a couple reviews of the pulls out there, I won't expound much on them much. Everything was packaged individually in heat sealed pouches to eliminate any chance of marring the finishes. The blanking plates appear to be powder coated or at least painted with a nice, textured material that feels durable. For each door handle hole, two circular discs go on each side of the door card, and the rectangular piece in between, so the screws can be tightened without pinching the door card. I have yet to iron out the wrinkles from the door handle, but this is the finished product.

Initially I was worried about missing the door handle, but I don't one bit after getting used to it. The extra interior room isn't of much use to me, but for bigger folks I can see it making a significant difference. All-around an excellent product with no shortcomings, thanks again to !njoy for making great parts for the community!
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