No dash lights or parking lights

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Hey guys I'm stumped I've tested fuses and checked em all twice over and can't figure out whats wrong. I took my car through a car wash and tried turning on my parking lights after and to no avail did not come on along with my dash (hvac controls included). My headlights still come on. Any places I should test to find the culprate?
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Did you try to turn your lights on right after the car wash, as soon as you pulled out of the spot?
If not if you hit a pretty bad bump perhaps some electrical connector thing that is soldered broke off.
Wish I could be less vague but I don't remember what to call it...
Anyway, happened to my Dad's Dart, one simple piece killed all power to the car, re-soldered it and she fired right up.
Dang man wish I could help more. Someome helpful will run across this. GL
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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