No dash lights or parking lights

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Hey guys I'm stumped I've tested fuses and checked em all twice over and can't figure out whats wrong. I took my car through a car wash and tried turning on my parking lights after and to no avail did not come on along with my dash (hvac controls included). My headlights still come on. Any places I should test to find the culprate?
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There is a relay on the driver side it is a la10 I believe, swap it out with your cooling fan relay and see if that works.
No up by the firewall kinda tucked under the fender, I believe there will be a cover on it.
There will be several relays its the same one that is used for the cooling fan.

The thing that sucks is they are like $25 new.

You can pull them out of 626's, MX3's, and MPV's at a juck yard though.
I feel like an idiot, I just saw you have a 99. :fp:

Sorry for the wild hunt, my info is useless.
But when you turn it on the headlights work?
Did you mess up a ground on the radio install? Maybe the carwash was just a coincidence.
Yea I would check all that just so you can cross that off the list. Make sure all connections are good.
**** it check all the fuses.
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1 - 10 of 37 Posts
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