Non-roadster related music post - Stevie Wonder

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From and YouTube:

"Stevie Wonder performs his song "Superstition" on Sesame Street. There's so much awesome in this video, it's hard to believe as kids we didn't idolize this guy. I wish I could have experienced the 70's as something other than a child."

I agree. Liten to the layers of the song as it is broken down. I wish music was still made like this instead of all the manufactured crap.

Look at the passion of these guys playing. They don't care about looking good or wearing expensive clothes. It's all about the music, man. Amen.

Check out the girl on the rail too! HAHA! Funny.
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Check out the girl on the rail too! HAHA! Funny.
Wouldn't it be funny if that was some modern celebrity at age 6 or something #-o
Well, the guy on guitar behind Stevie is none other than Ray Parker, Jr. (Ghostbusters) and the white guy on the other guitar is Jeff Beck!
Always neat to see old videos of Stevie playing. I have to admit, if you watch it muted, it looks like he's possessed. I wish I was so expressive...must be because I don't have as much to say (which is, I'd bet, why everything sounds so McDonald's these days).
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