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Hi people i'm from Trinindad (Caribbean) and i recently got a Mazda Miata soft top convertible in pretty good condition with a few stuff to do on it before i get down into the goods stuff.

i'm a noob to what i got so i just read what was marked on the car :lol:

so if anyone can tell me what i got and the other options out there that will be great

Pictures will come soon.

1999 Model Japan
1.6 L
Power Stage Y
Grade S-PKG Special Edition
Model Spec NO62-3CI
Transmission 4EC-AT
Bose Head Unit
Bose Door Grills
Magnetics USA Speakers
Stock 14" Wheels

Basically i just wanted to know if i got a normal Miata or is it different because there is Grade S-PKG Special Edition written on also where and what threads to visit to get assistance with things i want to do.

Thanks Alot.

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The Nb was available with a 1.6 in pretty much every market except north America.
In Europe especially, there were a few engine options each with different power/tuned levels
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