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i wont be able to make it to the hearing, but send in a letter anyways, this bullshit has gone too far, EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD SEND A EMAIL ANYWAYS!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Planning Meeting


Please come out and support us for tomorrow?s hearing



There is a direct threat to motorsports here in Northern California. The Board of Supervisors of Alameda County is considering a ban the sport of Drifting at Altamont Motorsports Park. Their rationale for this is the perception that drifting is about street racing, drugs, side-shows and gangs? a perception we have always had to fight. Well, here?s our chance to show Alameda County (and the national media) that we are NOT associated with any of these items. Here is our chance to announce that drifting is a legitimate sport that is enjoyed by lawyers, students, engineers, truck drivers, store owners ? every possible segment of the community, as well as by women and men.

In the 30+ drifting events previously held in the Bay Area over the last three years, not once have the Police been involved; not once has any driver been seriously injured on the track; and, not once has any controlled/uncontrolled substance been used at any event. It is apparent that Alameda County is unfairly profiling the drifting community. We are being discriminated due to race, age, and gender. Simply because over 80% of our enthusiasts are minorities, young and male, we are classified as "a threat" to the community. In some ways, this is exactly the same ?profile? that was applied to drag racers in the 1960?s? which is now an internationally recognized, multi-billion dollar segment of the motorsports community.

Any of us can attest that if Alameda County is successful in banning drifting at Altamont Motorsports Park, it will provide conditions that could do tremendous damage throughout Northern California. Parents, police officers, drift drivers, educators, and business owners agree that if drifting is ban from Altamont Motorsports Park, it will create a condition in the Bay Area that will actually promote illegal street racing and promote other unsafe activities by young people. If drifting is not allowed, where will young drivers practice drifting, road racing, or other forms of motorsports around the Bay Area? And then, what?s next to go? Road racing? Skateboarding? Street rods?

Drifting is yet another form of motorsport in which anyone with an interest can enjoy their love of cars, speed, competition, etc. Altamont Motorsports Park and its new owners have, over the course of the last year, provided us a safe and controlled means to practice and compete. THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT! OUR SPORT NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! We need your support to show Alameda County that this is important to us, to the business community, and to our local communities.

How to help:

Send a letter, or fax or e-mail to:
Alameda County Planning Department
224 W. Winton, Room 111
Hayward, CA 94544

e-Mail: [email protected]
Fax: 510-785-8793

Mr. Chris Bazar, Planning Director, is a GOOD GUY and a friend to drifters and Altamont Motorsports Park? so don?t take your frustration out on him! Instead, be supportive and positive. In your letter or e-mail, tell Alameda County about your professional background. Tell them how drifting keeps you off the streets. Tell them how safe and controlled the sport is. Tell them how much money you spend (especially in Alameda County) supporting businesses that support drifting and Altamont Motorsports Park. Tell them how you obey traffic rules when traveling to or from Altamont Motorsports Park.

All letters, e-mails and faxes MUST be received by Alameda County by 5:00pm Monday, April 23.

For more information please visit

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Contact the SCCA. They may have some input on your behalf, being a national organization that sanctions drift events. If anyone can present drifting as a legitimate form of motorsports, its them.

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THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, we would like to thank Altamont Raceway for doing what we can do to save drifting at the park. Unfortunately, the members of the board at Alameda County were uneducated about the sport of drifting, it did not go so well and we?re sad to announce that DriftBattle will not hold any events at Altamont until the permit for racing is renewed and drifting is written in the permit.

It?s sad that people who are uneducated see drifting as a nuisance and find it loud, filled with tire smoke, etc.. If you can stand 3 hours of Nascar driving in an oval, wouldn?t you think that 1 car every 30 seconds be ok? Until the permits are renewed and drifting written in the permit, will we be allowed to drift.

One last thing before we announce something.. If you lived on 57 acres of land, wouldnt you try to build your house as far from the race track as possible? 120 feet from the track wouldn?t be my first option. Right?? Because of this one neighbor, we?ve lost our right and I?m saddened by someone who owns and is also a motoX head has the nerve to do such a thing to another form of motorcross.

Thank you everyone that showed their support and showed up at todays hearing. I suppose Altamont can appeal now that they?ve won the appeal but who knows what they?re going to do.

And for the drifters in the bay and members of DriftBattle, please keep things cool on the roads, cause like the council of Alameda said, ?it?s unfortunate that the kids might take it back to the streets?.

DRIFTxBATTLE would like to thank our sponsors for all of their generous support thus far. Unfortunately, today we los our home venue for 2007 at Altamont Motorsports Park. DRIFTxBATTLE is committed ot keeping drifting alive and safe in Northern California. We are down but definitely not out and will continue to work on obtaining alternate venues to continue the rest of our 2007 season. We thank you for your understanding and support through this time and look forward to working with you again very soon.

driftbattle is out
ncda is out
AND DriftDay is out
eh we still have slidewize, but its about 2-3 hour drive from the bay area )t-hill)
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