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My first miata was a Red 94'.
Megan EZ Streets
XXR 002 on toyo t1r
rb rear sway bar

I got it completely stock after selling my mk4 vr6 for 3200 bux on 100k miles.

It was cool for what it was and I really enjoyed cruising it around town. The love for it wasnt really there at the end. I got a phone call that my car had been hit while parked on the street and I pretty much walked out to this. Some tweaked out kid was standing next to my car without insurance or id. I ended up getting the 3.5 k from insurance with that being the most they can do for uninsured driver coverage on the miata. Atleast they let me keep the car. Many of you may have seen my part out on here.

I did start collecting parts to get it back on the road but after they totaled it, I pretty much ripped it apart in a matter of days. I discovered the diff had a broken mount.

As soon as I got the money I picked up a 96' montigo blue miata on 130k for 2700 bucks. I ordered a new megan shock body and put together the coils from the 94' to be installed in the new car. Along with that I purchased a GV lip.

I drove it around like that for a while. I learned a lot about driving from some good people and with their help, decided I wanted to do something more traditional with the suspension. So I gathered the following parts
NB front sway bar with rb endlinks
Msm rear sway bar
Bilstein HD shocks with FM springs+ NB tophats and some sleeves. (traded the megans for them)

I put that all together + a roll bar I ordered from Moti at Blackbird Fabworx. The car became this

I really love aftermarket steering wheels(momo, nardi, personal.. whatever), but I didnt want to run something without an airbag until I upgrade the seats and get harnesses. So I picked up an NB2 Steering wheel and wired it to my NA clockspring. The only thing that needs to be done aside from wiring is to re drill the clockspring guide holes at 90 degrees off the originals. So here it is after the steering wheel and a free NA6 nardi shift knob from a buddy. Oh.. and I took my headunit :)

That is the car so far. I plan on upgrading the wheels to something like CR Motorsport c1s and mounting some rs3/s drive/nto5.
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