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Well after my 1st miata, iv been thru 7 cars and one bike since then along with another miata. But finaly coming back to a miata once again. This time I will be staying though...

Just last weekend I found a 91 with hardtop for 3500, talekd the guy down to 2500 and was going to see it. He tyexted me the next day sayign the timing belt kept breaking and he would be putting a new engine in. I convinced him to sell it as is for 1500. For 1500 with a hardtop, I didnt care if it needed a new motor, had the tow truck there even though i hadnt seen the car in person. Popped the hood, and he pointed at the alternator belt which was on backwards and said yah the timing belt kept breaking.

I didnt say a word, just nodded :mrgreen: got the car home, put the new alternator belt on and ran no problem. Havent had much time to work on it, but have since removed power steering, just looped the lines. Plan on doing the fulld epower when I get rid of the 1.6. Removed charcoal canister and wiper fluid resevoir as they were burnt. Was also some wiring burnt up but nothing engine related. Seafoamed the engine and ran it thru the oil just before doign the oil change. Drained and used lucas trans and diff lube in the trans and diff. Havent done plugs yet as I need to do the vlave cover gasket, oil leaking onto the plugs.

Started sanding a few places were there were dents and started getting them knocked out before I start the bondo and wet sanding the entire car.

One problem im having, not sure if its just paranoia or my ocd. I have a long noce crank, or at least the pulley has the 8 slots. But it looks as though it wobbles a bit, also the a/c compressor doesnt line up with the crank pulley.

Well for the pics...

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