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I picked up a used NRG QR Version 2.0 awhile back. Recently I purchased a new NRG slim hub adapter SRK-160H which I received today (bought from NewEgg for $99, cheapest place I found shipped for it, check link if curious).

When I bought the QR (used) it came with only 6 tapered hex bolts, each about 1 cm in length. I assume these screws are the ones used for attaching the steering wheel to the larger part of the QR, since the steering wheel I have has tapered mounting holes. My question is, what kind of bolt is optimal to use for attaching the QR to my hub adapter? The same screws work of course, however since they are tapered, the don't screw down flush with the surface of the QR (the side of the QR w/o the ball bearings).

If pictures are necessary lmk and I'll take and post some.
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