NW: Kumho Street Warriorz @ PIR Portland, OR 10/7

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Come and join the party. Think Kumho's version of NOPI nationals.

? Smoky Burnout Contest
? Loudest Stereo Contest
? Ugliest Car Contest
? Car Cram
? Live Music and DJ
? Car show
? ?Show and Shine? contest
? Extreme sport demos, including the BMX Mongoose Bike Demo
? Tattoo contests
? Swimsuit Contest :mrgreen:

$15 to hang out and race, $20 if you want to enter the car show and stereo contest.

I will be there for sure.
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Swimsuit contest... in October? Hardcore.
October 7th huh? don't think I'm busy. might be fun.
So, I just got back from the event and it was pretty good. Not nearly as happening as Formula D but then again it wasn't expected to be so.

The best part was, of course, the bikini contest w/ the ultra hot Jenny taking first place.

As far as car stuff goes. The best part was the jet car which was pure bad ass. It did the fastest and loudest quater mile I ever seen. The second was a probably the show cars which included a tricked out Hummer w/ 30" wheels and some lowriders doing 3-wheel motion. Of course there were some imports but I was probably the only one w/ a Roadster.

I didn't take any pics personally, but some should be available soon.
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