OEM and Aftermarket, pedals, lights, shift knob . . .

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OEM and Aftermarket, pedals, lights, shift knob, Air Conditioning System . . .

Power Steering. Everything works great, but outer tie rods should get replaced because of torn ball joints: $130

Full Air Conditioning System. Worked when I took it out. $150

Cruise Control. Anything else needed with this I could take off the car, but not willing to do the pedal swap unless someone is willing to come to my house and do the swap here for pedals. $75

OEM brace between the rear seatbelt attachment points (name?) $40

Hard/Soft-top plates. $35 per pair.

MOMO Knob. Missing one set screw. I am pretty sure this is a knock off. $10

MOMO Pedals. Same as above, I think may be knockoffs. $5

Spare Tire Cover: $10

OEM Emblems: $5 a piece

Antenna Wire: $10

Side Striker Plates
Hella Lights and bar

Everything is OBO. Located in Cleveland, OH. I will be heading down to Cincinnatti, OH right before New Years if you want to meet up. Post on here or PM will be the best method.
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How about the MAZDA emblem shipped to 01028

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