OK, foglights, show and tell!

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Here's the deal. I just went for a drive at 11:00pm, and it's pouring down rain (and dark, duh...)

I can't see SH*T, inspecific, the lines on the roads. So, I'm thinking I need to upgrade my lighting. I think that foglights would help me out a lot because the beams would hit the road at a different angle, hopefully making the lines on the road easier to see.

What have y'all got, how well does it work? Pics and descriptions, please!
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I know Pogi_Kep has this pretty decent Pep Boys set for 30 bucks. It looks pretty good, and shines decently.

And here's a picture of my car with my old ebay fog lights. Got them for $15 shipped:

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Dump the stock lights and get some 7" Hella or Cibies first. After you try them, then decide if you want fog lights. If you come to the 24 you can check out my Cibies.

I have a set of Auto Zone round lights. Cheap and they work ok... I'll know for sure after the 24!
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This is what I use at night (with passive filters) :wink:
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it would suck if a car came up on yah and blinded you :) while you had them on
Cibies are ok, HIDs are maybe over the top, but Free-form lamps are the way to go. Over here, Raybrigs are the best known, but I think rhd only.

Over in Yankee-Land, Trucklite headlamps. Available in 7" size, and seen here on a Hummvee:

Good enough for Kenworth trucks.

Plastic lens, really good beam cut-off, and bright. You might also find them at Land Rover accessories suppliers. If you get a set with the extra side light in, you can either wire them up, or just leave unwired.

I have a set, purchased from a Land Rover specialist.


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I change from the OEM to some Hella, and there was a big difference. But my OEM came with some 45W lamps
To be honest, even candles are an improvement on the sealed beams fitted to Roadsters and Miatas (Euro-cars got a different lamp).
Well, currently I'm running stockers (I think...whatever was on the car when I bought it) with yellow lamin-x over them. The yellow has somewhat helped me out at night, but light output itself still sucks. I was thinking about buying some of the plastic housing that allow you to run H4's or other generic bulbs, then buying plug-n-play HID's. I'm just wondering what I'm going to do about cut-off in terms of projectors or whatever. I've got some HID research to do.

I'd also love to have fogs, but not necessarily in the stock hole in the front, that means either aftermarket front bumper cover, OR, I could try and cut holes in my bumper cover, kinda sketch about that.
i vote for a new front bumper so you can "give" me your old bumper. =p
Just cheapo Hella Optilux 1500's. (Actually they're driving lights) They work great and at $20 I don't care if I bounce a cone off them. :)

I also have a set of Bosh e-code H4 housings with Osram Silverstar bulbs that completely transform the road at night.
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Can you tell me a brand and/or size of your fog/driving lamps. They are just what I've been looking for. Large enough to look old school.
Best Always
This is what I use at night (with passive filters) :wink:
:lol: You've gotta be kidding...
Sorry guys, but foglights in the grill are one of those popular modifications that I think looks a bit crap.
Sorry guys, but foglights in the grill are one of those popular modifications that I think looks a bit crap.
Eh... Different strokes I guess. I like my Catz XLOs

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Heres mine, stock 02 NB FTW :)

Sorry if its dark, ill try and take a pic tomorrow
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Does anyone have any experience with the lights sold from Metro Motorsports?
I had the PIAA 959s when the fog-light craze started, then it got stolen so I scored a set of Lexus ES300 yellow fogs from the junkyard which were fricken awesome for night driving/bad weather driving...then THOSE got jacked and I've given up every since. But now that I see less and less ricers with fog lights, I might get a set of PIAAs again. Those PIAA 959s are heavenly.
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