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If you had the same set up but with stock springs do you think the rim would hit the fender in full compression or the top of the rim will manage to go inside the fender?
If its any help, I run 15x8 C8's with 0 offset, 20mm drop, and under extreme cornering, they just tuck in to the arches, no rubbing, and thats on fairly round 195.50.15's. Purely down to camber, no bodywork rolling. :D

As you can see from the pic, its clearing the arch by a couple of mm, evn at the front too. Just. :mrgreen:

awesome picture

dude your passenger is totally weighing you down :lol:

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i run 215/45/15's no problems. then again i have rolled fenders, but not very extensive.
I think we have to talk 8)
So you are saying that you manged to fit them just with rolled fenders?
I have a fender rolling machine and I can do extensive rolling if I want to...
If that's the case I can keep these beautiful wheels (they are currently for sale) anb I can have them for the track!
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