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Project-G and 2nd Chance Roadster want to invite all of you to our Grand Opening Event on Sunday, February 12, 2012. We are hoping this turns out to be a memorable event.

We will be having cars, special display vehicles, food, music, raffles, and give-aways through out the day. There will also be a Used Parts Blow Out section with FREE Parts, as well as Bargain Bins with heavily discounted items, and many other items at swap meet prices.

Project-G will run their product sale through the event.

Because we want everyone to be able to participate in our Grand Opening Event, we have set up an Online Raffle which is open to everyone. Make sure to check our above flyer for more details.

Thanks for all your support!
Project-G / 2nd Chance Roadster

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Here's our updated Raffle Price List!!!

Ok so we have been sorting out some of the raffle prizes and here's where we are so far. Keep in mind there are a few raffles going on, so we are still unsure of what is going where.

G-String Black Stayfast w/bow, Bikini Bar, and Case - $700 Value

G-Wing Black - $250 Value

G-Wing Smoke - $250 Value

Project-G Windblockers - $38 Value

MiataRoadster Short Shifter Kit - $250 Value

MiataRoadster Shifter Extension - $40 Value

MiataRoadster Flocked Gauge Cluster Hood

GarageStar Brushed Aluminum Wiper Cowl - $80 Value

Revlimiter Vent Rings - $40 Value

MiataLife Wiper Blanking Delete Kit - $30 Value

Ryoku Rob Tow Hooks - $90 Value

LuckyCurve Sticker Packs

IHeartStance Stickers

Minty.Fresh Products

Top Notch Shirts

LED Light Kits

More To Be Announced!!!
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