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I am opening my vault of rare and very hard to find Miata items including some great parts. Prices are firm unless otherwise stated. Estimated Shipping quotes will be provided when you PM me with your city/state/zip. Please PM me if you are interested in an item and not as a reply in this this thread. Paypal or cash via mail only.

1.8L 1994-1997 #23696 Magnaflow Replacement Cat - SOLD

1.8L 1994-1997 #23696 Magnaflow Replkacement Cat - SOLD

1.8 1994-1997 Custom Valve Cover
This is a Blue Potato Original and in excellent shape and powder coated professionally in gold. This is a Ford cam cover that is a direct fit and I have removed the 'Ford' wording from the oval and you can add your own logo like I did at one time. Clean and with no damage. Ready to install, but you will need to add a 90 degree or straight hose fitting (like Aeroquip) for the vent hose that I already tapped on the side (original vent in back is plugged). Sold as is. $125 + shipping

Golden Eagle Vacuum Manifold - black - SOLD

1.8L 1994-2000 Trust GREX Sport AF Pads (508A - Rear) - Rear set (brand new)
Picked these up in Japan and very rare now. These are perfect for street and track and would compliment any front hi-performance pads. Paid over $160 - selling for $125+shipping. My loss, your gain. Sold as is.

1.8L 1994-2000 SR-27 Maruha Hi-Performance Pads - Front set (brand new)
More info here
Never installed or opened. $125. My loss, your gain. Sold as is. $75+shipping

AWD Version Maruyama Gauge Faces - MPH (used)
More info here
Another Blue Potato relic - These were my main gauge faces for a long time and I love them. I do not think Dewa will make these in MPH anymore or you will have to wait a really long time. Tach has some bubbling (as shown) on the material as well as a small one on oil. I am sure these can be pushed down, but not sure. I will throw in AWD orange bulb covers, 2 needle stoppers and instructions. Close up pic. Sold as is. $125+shipping

Factory 1990-1997 Mazda Miata Tonneau Cover with Vinyl Case. (Used)
Excellent condition. Does not come with hardware, but can be easily sourced online. Close up pic. Sold as is. $115+shipping

El Cheapo Stickers (new)
Any sticker shown here is $2.50, or buy 4, get one free. Free shipping to lower 48 statues by standard mail. sticker- SOLD!
Tow Hook - SOLD

The good stickers (new)
All of these I have picked up in Japan and very rare and hard to find. Many times, you have to buy the high-dollar product to get these. Zerbino emblems are raised emblems and gel-like covering and sold as 3 black or 2 yellow as shown for $5 each. All other stickers are sold at $5/ec

Close Up Pic #1, Close up pic #2,

E - HKS Square Sticker Pack - SOLD
D - KG Works sticker - SOLD
I - RC of J - Sold
B - Wata - Sold
H - Maruha - Sold
K - Nak - Sold
C - One Trap sold, 3 remain
O - KRC - sold

$5 each and free shipping to lower 48 states by normal US mail postage.

Make sure to check out my #2 posting for more even more rare items!

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ooooh Watanabe sticker! :D How much delivered to the UK man?

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I got the charm yesterday and it felt very personalized, like we were the best buddies ever with the note =). "Drive Topless!" Thanks again! I'll wear it with pride.
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