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You guys can share my excitement tracking the package coming this week from Peter at in Japan:

Here's what I'm getting:

- HyperRev #1 to complete my collection!
- R&S #2-22 to complete my collection!
- Nakamae M2 Corp. replica door grips custom made for me in navy blue leather!
- Nielex M2 Corp. replica stainless front tow hook!
- Jubiride cam gears!
- Joy Fast stainless cone-head allen socket bolts for valve cover, cam gears, and water pump pulley!

Peter's been gathering these things for me for over a month and now they're finally on their way! I should have them by Friday!


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LagunaMiata said:
Bet all that cost you a pretty penny!!
I'm going broke and it's all Phatty's fault!


Next thing you know, I'll be getting a custom blue Nakamae quilted interior...


All Phatty's fault...

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revlimiter said:
That's a hell of a package to be waiting on. I'd probably ditch work the day it was supposed to arrive.
It's going to my PO Box. I'm going to be camping out there the day it arrives!

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Nevadabob said:
RoadstarJDM said:
My life is complete now!
Just don't think about how much that shelf is worth. :shock:
Let's see...
Road&Sters at $15 a pop, 46 issues... $690
HyperRevs, $15 a pop, 5 issues... $75
Another dozen mags, figure $10 a pop.. $120

Total - $885!

Raiding Bill's house - PRICELESS!!
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