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Ive decided to replace my aftermarket rims with the stock daisies for the winter just becasue in running Goodyear F1's that are summertime performance. Im worred they will be too hard and i might run into trouble. They look horrable and ive decided to paint them black. Ive run a search and i dont want to repost the same old "How to paint wheels" but i have one question. When I use airplane stripper to take off the paint, do i need to unmount the tires or can I tape them off? Will the stripper hurt the rubber? Also just to make sure the prossess is strip, primer, sand, paint, sand, paint, sand, paint, clear correct?

Does anyone have any pix of a mariner on black painted stock rims? I love my current ones but the tires just wont handle the cold.

Thanks, 7
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