Panasport Pro Rally

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Looking for a set of 15" Pro Rally's. 4x100 6" / 7"
Would prefer a complete set with center caps.
Please PM with me.



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Nice, but I am looking for specifically 15" Pro Rallys. I need them for a project.
Try looking on Los Angeles Craigslist, or any large California city craigslist, they pop up a lot more often. I scored my set at a Miata swap meet but I still find them from time to time on various other cities. Just ask the seller if they'll ship them to you using FedEx, they've been the cheapest (ground) shipping option I've found over UPS and the post office. It's not too expensive to have them shipped, typically I've payed anywhere from $40-$60 for all four to be shipped plus another say $10 for a pair of boxes large enough to hold 2 wheels each. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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