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My favorite Panasported Miata (they're 16 inchers though)

I forget whose car it is but I think he's a member here. I believe it now has a Pit Crew nose.
thats mr woolerys car a long time ago.

his dad has those wheels now and they look *@#%! nice.
Yeah, those Panasports are now equipped as "hand-me-downs" on my Dad's Miata. That car gets all the mods I used to have but either don't want or can't have anymore...low-pro headlights, suspension, wheels, interior bits, etc. It kinda looks like the car pictured above now, with the exception of not having the RB type-1 nose and the red hardtop...

...bone stock drivetrain and front plate (at Dad's insistence) ruin the car though. :lol:
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