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Ever since I first bought my NA, my front parking lights haven't worked. When I turn the knob one click I get no cluster lights and no front parking lights (however the rears do work). When I turn the knob 2 clicks, headlights pop up and turn on, and my cluster lights up as expected but still no front parking lights. Blinkers, everything else work just fine. Also, the dimmer adjuster switch for my cluster never seemed to do anything.

Picked up another dimmer adjuster switch from the junk yard and popped my old one out and found that one of the wires going to it had been cut and butt connected to a wire leading elsewhere (can't tell where without removing the dash). After re-connecting the cut wire to its stock location and trying both switches everything functions exactly as before except that my cluster lights no longer work. Huh. :?

Any idea what might be going on here? Fuse possibly? PO of my car had some jank alarm installed that didn't work right (so I removed the alarm brain and ziptied all the wires out of the way of my feet). Also found out that the car had aftermarket power locks that also never functioned, and lastly the car has a "push to start" button that was evidently wired up as an easy fix to some issue with the ignition that was never really fixed.

I was hoping this might be an easy fix but it looks like it's going to be a wiring nightmare.

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