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that s2000 has been showing up at shows lately with red rims i think
It's true, my friend and I were at AJR the other day

Reckless Abandon: do you go to the CellBlockD events?

yeah me and my friends run those events at aggasiz speedway. we are looking for better venues because we are very limited by the size and shape of the track.
are you wanting to participate?
you can come watch next saturday evening there is an event. its for people who have already participated in a couple events though. after that, there will be another open event.

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I'm sorry but does anybody else notice the difference here? It frustrates me that we have alot of this happen with the miata community...

Someone sees that rota offers a new wheel in Green, and you looka t the wheel itself and it looks sick. Great. Then we look for a few pics of what a white car with green wheels could look like.
Reference exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

These are both really killer looking cars. The green wheels look great - they are sized to really fill out the wheel wells, the offsets are right so that they sit close to flush with the outside of the car, and the rest of the car's body work is extreme, so having a radical colored wheel looks right.

And now... Exhibit C:

......... Same green color...... looks ridiculous.
The body is completely stock (minus painting the hood black), the car sits too high, the tires have tons of sidewall and look like economy specials... the green wheels just make the car look silly. They don't fit!

If somebody had a really sweet white NA or NB with some extreme styling and they ran something like a 16x7 +25 or +10 with the wheels the OP posted, that would look realllly nice. But please, don't throw a green 15x6.5 +40 wheel on your stock miata because you saw a picture of a sick S2000 with green wheels and wanted to mimic that look....

Imagine the Garage Vary white NB that some people have posted a few pics of on this forum. The one with Bronze volk TE37's. Now imagine that car with the same wheels but green. THAT would be nice.

/end rant

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