Picking up strangers in your car (ie. attractive females, elderly, etc.)

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Anybody pick up strangers in their Miata or other car? I am talking about anyone out on foot. Whether it be an attractive female, an elderly person with groceries, hitchhiker, etc. If so, how did it go? I have done so in the past. Heres the skinny:

1. Attractive female: Appeared to be in late teens/early 20s, Asian. She was walking and I pulled over and offered a ride, she paused for a second or two then politely declined. Rolled my window back up and drove away.

2. Old woman: Probably in her 60 or 70s with groceries (2 bags, one in each hand). Pulled over and offered a ride, she looked at me for about 3-4 seconds and said "Just 3 lights ahead if thats ok." I replied "No problem, hop in." Dropped her off at a corner in front of an apartment complex, she thanked me and offered $5, I declined.

3. Late 20s/early 30s male: Caucasian, had a olive green duffel bag and was wearing red plaid/khaki pants. Had his thumb up (hitchhiker beckoning). Thought about being nice and picking him up but decided against it. I usually go for attractive females/old people who look harmless. This guy made me feel that he was a murderer or something...didnt wanna risk it.

*Now picking up strangers can be detrimental to one's health, so if you decide to do so, its at your own risk.
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...gangs or tribes usually come out of the woods to take the women and rape/kill her...
I didn't realize there were tribes of wild men running around the Wisconsin countryside. Good to know I guess (Or is that just what you call black people over there?).
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