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The JCCS today was fantastic. There were loads of great cars, and the weather was great for viewing and photography. A lot of the Datsun roadsters and Zs were using Miata seats. The owners said they like the speakers in the headrest. Also a few of the Zs and Corrollas and Starlets have F20 swaps. If any of you took pictures, post them up. Here are some of mine.


Here's a link to the 200+ pics I took before all 3 of my camera's batteries died. I would have taken 500 pics if I could have! The show was simply awesome. members who I saw at the show:

Roadster Dave (roadsterdave)
Calimesa Brian (brian)
Linh (sonique128)
Gary (driftm5)
Chris Lee (kickinoutyo)
Peter Li (ce28n)
? (renesisdrms) (accompanied by one of the most attractive JDM women we saw all day!)

(fwdtamiya) was at the SuperAutobacs meet for the caravan to the show, but apparently got lost in traffic on the way there (sorry, man! let's swap cell #s next time.)

I hope more of you SOCAL guys can make it next year! We had a blast.

Enjoy my pics!

Grady, Gary, Linh, Roadster Dave at the entrance, before the sun cleared away the morning beach haze:

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