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I had a great time, nice to finally put faces to the on-screen personas. The raffle winner of the my R-lip was deserving of it as he was going to give me actual money for it! But as I promised, a raffle was made for people that didn't have a lip already (4 people out of 15 or so!) and he ended up winning it anyway. Lots of turblow power, and finally, a female clubroadster represented! Sorry that I forgot most of your real names though so if you see your car here, claim it!


Paul showing off his NonJDM-Approved mod...


Me sportin' the new dual-lip look...

Peter gettin' ready to HARDPARK..

Paul in Peter...umm...


Dicker and Co...HardParkin'


Find Mr.Woolery..

Winner of the r-lip!

That is all. I'm sure Peter has higher-quality pics to share also.

Hey Peter, is that a bunny or an owl in your sig?

DAY-UM, I picked the wrong night to miss KINOD! Looks like it was a lot of fun with the raffle and stickers.

I like Urban's red SportMaxes, they look good on a red car:

Whose blue BMW was that?

I was at a last-night-of-Hannukah candle lighting vigil...I mean party and was so full of latkes and chocolate, I didn't feel like schlepping up there and then trying to force a Double Double down my already fat gullet.

Bunta Biru (= Uncle Bill)

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