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Im trying to peice together a turbo kit. What are the main things I need? like: manifold, down pipe, turbo, piping, oil lines, clamps,..... fuel mangement...? I have a 1999. What would be the difference in a turbo kit for a NB compared to a NA? Is the only difference the manifold and fuel management? Is the down pipe and the rest of the piping the same?

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oooooohhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.... I know this one!!!!!!!!

heres a short list for ya

custom downpipe
custom intercooler piping
oil lines and fittings
fuel management
boost controller
boost gauge
would reccomend a wideband
external wastegate (if you don't have one on the turbo)

and a bunch of stuff I prolly forgot.

check out lots of info there!

^^ are you sure? 'cause the 99 had a different head on it iirc.
99+ intake manifold has a different stud pattern/gasket than 94-97.

I'm pretty sure 94-05 exhaust manifolds are interchangeable except that the EGR port on the underside of the manifold is moved slightly on 99+. But you can plug it off or use the EGR pipe for the appropriate year.

Another thing on 99+ intake manifolds with the butterfly valves: I believe some people gut them and remove the butterflies because they conflict with boost.

So say I buy the Greddy turbo kit for a 1.6.... the only thing I would have to change is the manifold and fuel management? (for my 99)
It's like a house of cards if you try to shoehorn in a kit that wasn't designed for your application.

I.E. if you were to try to install a Greddy 1.6 kit on a 1.8 -- any year 1.8 -- you'd have to come up with...

- custom turbo exhaust manifold that fits the 1.8 head to the tiny Greddy turbo
- custom downpipe to fit the geometry
- since the Greddy kit doesn't come with an intercooler, if you got FM's intercooler upgrade kit, the plumbing is for a shorter block of the 1.6, not your 1.8, so you're looking at customizing at least part of the kit to fit
- unless you're proficient to do your own designing and welding or have friends who'll do it for you as a favor, to pay someone else by the hour to do the above custom work will raise your budget into the range of an FM kit that you're trying to beat, I assume

If you want to save yourself some headaches and money, here's what I'd suggest:

I predict that a lot of guys are going to dump their JRSCs in favor of the new BRP SC.

Unless you feel you HAVE to have a turbo, I'd take advantage of the shift in the market as the JR falls by the wayside and watch classifieds for a bargain on a used JR kit for your app. There may also be some BEGI and FM turbo owners who jump ship to the BRP, so you may start to see bargains on used turbo kits too.


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miataturbo has some great info for the 1.8 guys as well...

the greddy 1.6 turbo would be a little small for the 1.8.

hks manifold $250-270
Used silvia turbo $450ish
Intercooler off ebay $150
Bends for IC piping $100-200 depending on the route you take?
Lines and fittings for turbo$200-300 (depending on if you want braided or not)
Custom downpipe $250-300
Exhaust is entirely up to you
Emanage or MS $400
Probe or mazda 6 or supra 310cc injectors $60-100

Not including labor or the exhaust you are looking at around $2200.

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i would differ on many of the posts yet...

i think the stock injectors could handle some boost, as long as its not too much because for our 1.6 we upgrade to 1.8 injectors. i think the stock 1.8 injectors should handle the 6-7 lbs of boost, bigger injectors needed if you want more boost of course, but then again, you might need some sort of injector controller if the ecu cannot handle it.

a fmu(fuel management unit) is needed to up the gas levels of the injectors to handle the boost, a rising rate one is preferred such as by BEGI, but the vortec(h) one should handle with the 11:1 disk, as supplied by greddy for the 1.6 kit?

for up to 7lbs of boost, i think if you get a greddy kit, about 1200 shipped, plus a hks manifold ~400max, you are pretty much set, but you would still need custom downpipe ~400max.


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I am so not impressed with any of the cast manifolds I see for the Miata. I am making my own manifold when the time comes.

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not sure that buying the greddy kit and buying a new manifold and a custom downpipe makes sense. That's more than half the greddy kit.

I'm not a fan of superchargers. And there is a reason people sell the JR unit.

I would buy a manifold/dp set, and piece together the rest. a very nice option for you on that piece is made by Boostlogic. They make tubular manifolds for many other applications (like my supra) and have made one for the miata. That is what will be going on my car when the new engine arrives...
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