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it's.....ok.....i guess... although I'm more interested in the mini in the back...


Gary and I hit PJ's today and were told that white Miata is still for sale (I didn't ask how much). We looked under the hood and it's totally stock (and not particularly clean). I neglected to check the year or mileage, but it is a 1.6.

The wheels are 15x8 Sportmax. The flares are the metal pulled with the edge trimmed, and they have a fiberglass backing. When I felt under the lip it was smooth and had a thickness that tapered down to the edge. PJ wasn't there to confirm just how it was done. To my eye, it looked odd that the rear flare ends at the horizontal line between the fender and bumper.

There were several cars in the shop that were being detailed for the Queen Mary show. I wasn't able to snap a pics, but there was an orange RHD 1st gen (box) Civic with a widebody kit that will knock some socks off. Here are the pics I took of the Miata and a green Corolla that I'm sure is headed for the show:

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