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Yes I did a search but did not find anything regarding my exact situation.

Last night on the way home the Miata started having no acceleration. I was having trouble maintaining 60mph with the accelerator floored. There is a loud roar from the engine compartment when trying to accellerate. Motor sounds normal at idle or when revving in nuetral.

The facts: 1995 Miata

Timing belt changed 40k miles ago.

Fuel filter changed 1500 miles ago.

Seafoamed intake 1500 miles ago.

Timing advanced to 14 degrees 1500 miles ago.

Gas is at half a tank and just started experiencing it so I doubt bad fuel

Swapped plug wires to see if that was it. Nope.

Plugs look good but a bit white. (too hot? - timing advance?)

Two of the coil pack outputs had greenish white corrosion which I cleaned.

Also cleaned all electrical connectors to coil pack and CAS

Cat recently started rattling and is likely going bad.

10 and GND says Code 3 (Bad G Signal)

An odd thing to mention. When adjusting the timing the timing mark on the Crank was jumping around a bit. This had actually happened about three years ago when I lowered the timing done to 10 degrees due to pinging in the summer heat.
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