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so what do you guys want for your car this christmas?

here is mine.

racing beat 4-1 header 94-97

gauge hood cover in black suede with yellow stitching

shift boot in black suede with yellow stitching

e-brake boot in black suede with yellow stitching

K.G. Works Quick Shift 89-97

Heim joint end links

MOMO Monte Carlo, 350 steering wheel with MOMO Steering Wheel Hub

Cusco 22mm Front Sway Bar Mazda Miata

KG Works Starter Switch Type S

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I gave my wife a fairly long list, but I dont exepct anything off of it. I will be buying most of the list starting next year :)

Heres the list I gave her... I took of the expensive items obvoiusly :)
  • TrackDog Racing Radiator Cowl Cover
  • Racing Beat End Links
  • Competition Engine Mounts
  • Team Miata Floor Mats
  • Samco 1.8 Radiator Hose Kit
  • Leather Shift Knob
  • Shift / E-Brake / Seat Belt Leather
  • Rspeed Strut Tower Bar
  • Steering Wheel Hub
  • Seat Heater
  • TeamMiata PowderCoated Valve Cover
  • PWR Radiator
  • Boss Frog Roll Bar
  • Low-Pro Headlights
  • Katzkin Leather Seats
  • Banks Tacoma Exhaust (for my truck)

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Okay. for my NB

FujiRacing ITBS
New clutch and lightweight flywheel
Flyin Miata frame rail braces
Tein Basics
Konig rewinds and some tires to match
New seat

That should do for now

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Gave my b/f a list, excluding suspension/wheel&tires because they are too much $$....

-OEM front lip
-OEM mudflaps
-Seats (I wanted SRT-4 seats)
-Stromung RS*R replica exhaust (that was before it went bye-bye)
-New soft-top
-Side-mount license plate bracket

That was it really...

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all i asked for were gift cards to

cuz im getting:

Work equip 03's 15x8+0
Bride vios low max seat
^ and rail ( driver only)
and a 1.5 way Kaaz LSD

january will be good......

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Im thinking of asking the gf for tsi's but im gonna buy myself the tdr front splitter, seats, harnesses, and a hardtop if i can fins a good one!

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The only Miata item on my list is the trans-to-subframe brace that Cobalt makes.

Couple minor livability things for the S as well.

I always feel awkward with christmas lists, dunno why. Hope that someone gets me that trans brace though, that'd be sweet.

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Front lip and rear spoiler from an LE/R Package
My 1.8 race clutch that should be in by now :mrgreen:
Auto power roll bar
SS brake lines in red and Clutch line
Half of my Turbo kit fund back (Although my truck handles better than before =D>

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already bought myself somemiata christmas presents.

new mk2 map sensor, new knock sensor, 15x7 panasports off ebay.

hope to tune the car in n/a form over the holidays and install the new exhasut i've had sitting in my garage for the last couple of weeks.

other than that, i'd be interested in new head unit and cross bracing.

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My list is small

BEGi S3 GT2560


FM Flywheel

MS Clutch

New blue soft top

Enthuza custom 3" twin exhaust & 3" in/out cat


FM Frame Rails

Dual Feed Fuel Rail

Polished SS Duece

New Carpet

Wide Band O2

Engine rebuild

MS Engine Mounts

Or in just a few words 220 HP

And it will all be done by Easter
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