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Long shot here since the Venn diagram of people who actually wanted a PRHT and people who work on their cars is two completely separate circles. I've been googling a bit this morning and it's very possible I'm just horrible at it but is there some sort of guide to servicing and cleaning all of the limit sensors and switches on an NC1 PRHT? Mine intermittently has troubles opening on a car that has never had the center console off or any such modification done that could have resulted in the usual culprit (window switches not plugged in all the way). The rear deck panel operates fine but I'll get nothing more than two clicks out of the top itself as the flashing light on the dashboard sits there mocking me. Mazda literature seems to simply cover motor replacements and not servicing/proper maintenance of the limit switches.

On a semi-related note: has anybody had any luck reading PRHT trouble codes? I know a "standard" reader won't be successful but has there been any success using something like a Snap On or Autel tablet that's able to access various body modules including the PRHT?
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