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So I am thinking about selling off some of my stock goodies. since they are an upgrade to most NB cars.
the exhaust has maybe 30k miles on it. still looks good. as it was only an arizona car while this was installed.

wheels are the 17" 2004 racing harts. one has some minor curb rashotherwise all 4 still have the centercaps and look great. tires are still 80% since im usually on the 949's

springs are the mazdaspeed springs. some lowering and MUCH better spring rate compared to the NB stockers.

I am also toying with the idea of selling the car and getting something like a corvette z06 or an FD rx-7 with my disability check. instead of dropping 8-10k into a miata and hoping that it is reliable.
i was wanting to build it to 300+ hp maybe 350. but everything i keep hearing is even with a built engine they last 25-30k before needing a rebuild again. I cant in my right mind basterdize a mazdaspeed with a V8 and rotary swap is just too involved.
I keep talking myself out of it because she handles amazing. and i LOVE dropping the top and cruising even the 15 minutes to get to school . this car just fits me even if it is low on power. but if i want more ponies it just becomes a money pit.
plus the fact that i bought it in 09 for almost 15k and between devaluation and the money i have put into it. it may not even be worth selling.

The good. 04 msm with GT package. 55k miles, oil changed every 4k on only mobil1 synthetic or valvoline synpower. fresh a/c recharge. new radiator, all new fluids. and is about to get all new gates belts.
can be sold either stock or with mods as i still have everything i pulled off the car. the car is SPOTLESS shes mostly garage kept unless i want to take it out. the jeep gets teh bad weather. there is only 1 single mark on the drivers side rear quarter panel from somone brushing up against it. and you have to be within 2 feet and know where it is to find it to notice it.. (hell I only found it when waxing the car)

small sideskirts, clear bra, 20% tint, audiovox cruise control, IPOD interface, passport 9500ix, Prosport wideband A/F, Speedhut Custom Boost/vacguage, to match the stock guages and have the mazdaspeed logo, Apexi turbo timer, Custom laser etched Voodoo shift knob, 5k HID's, yellow fogs, BEGI cold air intake, BEGI Uppipe, BEGI Throttle body inlet all custom powdercoated red. , Megan cat-less downpipe, cx racing FMIC, Magnaflow DP back exhaust, K&N filter, Forge Bypass valve, Halman Manual boost controller @13psi, 330cc injectors, FM o2 mod, SP performance slotted rotors, Hawk pads, H&R Race springs, 15x8 949 6UL wheels, Falken azeni RT-615k, and Taillight red-out vinyl and i have a highflow spun cat that can be welded into the downpipe that would come with it.

the bad: The msm got into an accident 1 year ago. it was not totalled. some guy was drunk and thought it was a good idea to back up in an intersection because he decided to go straight instead of turning. and didnt check behind him. the fender bender put his trailer hitch through my hood it bent back the radiator support which cracked the top of the radiator. broke a tab off one of my lights, and left a deep scratch which was basically a cut in my bumper all of which was professionally replaced. it still has a clean title. but im sure that will pop up on a carfax

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Muffler: $135-$150

Wheels: $350-$400

Springs: $125-$140

Whole car: $9,900-$10,650 <-- probably a generous estimate

Just my guesses.
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