Pro-Gram billet steel main cap set

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What can you tell me about Pro-Gram billet steel main caps? At what point should I be looking to upgrade to something this stout? Above 200hp? How do they help with durability? Is it just the bearing surfaces that need to be machined to fit my particular crank? Do these also work with FM's stroker crank kit? I'm a total engine novice and would appreciate some insight. Thanks!

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first you need a miata...

I'd say those are probably more a consideration as you approach the 300rwhp mark, but what do I know with my turbo in a heap in my garage.

I would assume they work with the FM crank since FM also sells similar main caps and the FM crank fits in the BP motor.

Kyle, are you pondering getting some engine work done around here? I'd love to yank my mot and throw in some rods and oversize pistons if I can hack it.
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