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Well I recently picked up a new toy to serve as my daily driver. It's a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS:

Here are the current specs:
~153k on the body
-100k on the bottom end, 12k on the head
-head was rebuilt and mildly ported, Delta 1000 Cams, oversized valves
-all new gaskets, waterpump, etc etc
-Crawford Ecu with a generic tune for the setup
-Borla equal length headers
-High flow cat section
-Borla cat back
-Megan racing motor mounts, pitch stop, and trans mount
-KYB AGX with some sort of lowing springs
-Both the coupe and sedan spoilers
-F/R seats out of a 2006 WRX
-new headlights, JDM clear corners
-STI fog light covers
-stock wheels with snow tires, and 98 goldies with nice summer tires
-new brakes, wheel bearings, starter, battery, etc etc.

Couple more pics from when I brought it home:

It's got a few small issues, but nothing major. I'll keep updating as parts start arriving, but for now that's about all there is to it! I signed up to do a winter auto-x on Jan 22nd with it up in NH which I'm really excited about.
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That means yes!1!1!!!1
a little birdie told me something was headed my way from across the pond :mrgreen:
went to wicked big meet:

That's my buddy's swapped, caged, rhd RS.
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nice DD! and is that a del slow at the snow auto-x?!?
nice DD! and is that a del slow at the snow auto-x?!?
yeah. There were actually 5 miatas there too (2 turbo ones!)
hahaha so sick, loved the videos too, it looks like so much fun! I try to get sideways too in my Jeep when we get snow down here ;)
I'm jealous man, RS look sgreat. I'm not having any luck finding one, an RS or AE86. They seem to be pretty rare.
Lookin forward to your updates.
Traded my seats for 2004 STI seats:

I'll be ordering the suede to cover the door inserts this week as well.
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Wait, why would someone want to trade?
He didn't like the suede. I didn't inquire further- certainly wasn't going to argue, haha
This is sick! I've always had a soft spot for 2 door GC8's
Thanks- so have I. It's still my favorite subaru ever made.

In other news, I have a box coming in from Japan hopefully tomorrow. Not it's not the engine, but it's equally as neat!
Took this pic from my porch last night- It was pouring out.

A huge box from the land of the rising sun arrived today! What's in it you ask?

original JDM V6 wing- no replicas here! Oh yeah! It even came complete with some JDM dirt.

Put some tape down so I wouldn't scratch up the trunk too much (I did a little) and marked the holes.

It's funny after all the body work on the miata I didn't even hesitate to bust out the drill and tear into the trunk, haha.

Test fitting to make sure everything is lined up:

aaaaand done!

The trunk isn't fully shut in this pic hence why it's not lined up. ;)
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Motor is next.
Motor is next.
yeah it got delayed, long story, but hopefully it'll be here this month!
Overnight from Japan??
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