Project Daily Driver

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Well I recently picked up a new toy to serve as my daily driver. It's a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS:

Here are the current specs:
~153k on the body
-100k on the bottom end, 12k on the head
-head was rebuilt and mildly ported, Delta 1000 Cams, oversized valves
-all new gaskets, waterpump, etc etc
-Crawford Ecu with a generic tune for the setup
-Borla equal length headers
-High flow cat section
-Borla cat back
-Megan racing motor mounts, pitch stop, and trans mount
-KYB AGX with some sort of lowing springs
-Both the coupe and sedan spoilers
-F/R seats out of a 2006 WRX
-new headlights, JDM clear corners
-STI fog light covers
-stock wheels with snow tires, and 98 goldies with nice summer tires
-new brakes, wheel bearings, starter, battery, etc etc.

Couple more pics from when I brought it home:

It's got a few small issues, but nothing major. I'll keep updating as parts start arriving, but for now that's about all there is to it! I signed up to do a winter auto-x on Jan 22nd with it up in NH which I'm really excited about.
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you, my friend, are awesome.

first an awesome miata build and now this.
haha thanks. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for both cars come next year ;). Regardless, I am really looking forward to getting this thing out on the ice. It's been a blast to daily.
Update as it's been awhile.

Car still hasn't given me a single issue and I've been enjoying it everyday. Decided to lift the car for the winter, so installed some Forester XT struts/springs along with outback rear trailing arm brackets. Netted me about a 3" lift.

Part of the reason I lifted it was that I needed clearance for my ice racing tires, which I just finished building.


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Need pics of lifted Subarus.
2 quick pics of my trailer setup and the super studs mounted on the GC.


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unfortunately the link says "content unavailable"
hmm. That's a bummer, haha
Quick pic of it all loaded up


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Short video a friend put together:
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