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We are offering Club Roadster members a chance to try out Project Mu brake pads at discount. We need feedback on their stopping ability, dust, and noise levels in comparison to other pads on the market, especially Hawk. Shoot us a PM for pricing.

Project Mu Street: Type NS
Project Mu Type NS brake pads are developed specifically for street use. Guaranteed to outperform OEM pads, Project Mu NS street pads are reliable in any weather or road conditions. NS street pads give outstanding initial stopping power that is of prime importance on the street. Made from an Asbestos-free brake compound, NS street pads also have very minimal dust and very low squeal properties.

  • Specs:
  • Material: Carbon Ceramic
  • Applicable Rotor Temp: 0-400°C
  • Friction Coefficient: 0.34-0.43μ

Project Mu Street Sports: B-Force
Project Mu B-Force Sport pads are designed to improve overall braking performance on street cars. The B-Force brake pad is developed for street and light track use where initial stopping power and resistance to fade is of prime importance. In addition to reducing brake dust and squeal, these economical long-lasting pads are designed for minimal rotor wear.

  • Specs:
  • Material: Carbon Ceramic
  • Applicable Rotor Temp: 0-500°C
  • Friction Coefficient: 0.32-0.42μ

Project Mu Circuit Sports: Level Max 900i
Project Mu Level Max 900i pads offer ultra functionality to attack the track. These pads are for cars that spend most of their time on the track. Stopping power is fierce and controllable at the expense of noise.

  • Specs:
  • Material: Carbon Metal
  • Applicable Rotor Temp: 100-900°C
  • Friction coefficient: 0.45-0.57μ

90-93 - Type NS , B Force , Level Max 900i
94-97 & 01-05 w/ Normal Suspension - Type NS , B Force
01-05 w/ Hard suspension - Nothing at the time, sorry.
Mazdaspeed - Nothing at the time, sorry.

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