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hi there
Am new to this site and hope you will like my project :)
i had my mx5 or miata for just over a year now and alot has changed on my little project
here afew pic's of my project when i first got her

after a day of owning the car i went to work on here by strpping the inside out to see if there was any hidden rust

but i didnt find a single bit of rust anywhere well pleased :)
right for some interesting stuff i wanted some extra gauges so i cut a hold in the top of my dash and blended inn a triple gauge pod .Which turned out pretty good if i say so myself :whistle:

also added a mazdaspeed rollbar/cage which i painted black really dont like chrome

then i desided that i need to clean up the engine bay found some blue hose's, a air filter , painted the cam cover, power steering can and reamoved the black can thingy lol

after that little lot i went to work on the outside smoothing the boot lock and badges hole's and also added a rx8 rear fog light

also smoothed off the door mirror's and got some new mirror's and added them to the front wings

car looking abit sorry for itself in the last pic but promise there will be paint goin on the car soon
got some tsi aswell that got painted black

now back to the inside again added new shifter , paint the air vents and toggle switche's

bet you getting fed up of me talking on so i'll just add the rest of the pic and let you see what i have done

i know most of you would of stop at the sating black paint but me being me i like to be different so i had a idea so i went for a camo look on the car so found some spare paint that i painted my last few project and went to work on project stealth

afew days later i ended up with this

jest need a bgw to finish off the look and i think that is it for now hope you like what you have seen and there pleanty more to come

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Zeromotive rear canards? Effin sex.

I dig your style!

And in this pic, with a little imagination I see Rocket Bunny style trunk spoiler

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