pulled fenders/0 offset wheels: daily driver?

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i think the look that some guys on here are getting running 0 offset wheels with small rubber and pulled fenders is breathtaking, it reminds me of alot of vws i used to see( i used to be really into vws)
but what i'm wondering is, how driveable would something like that be? can you drive it agressively (drifting, burnouts, high g forces) without problems? do you ever have to worry about the tire coming off the wheel? can you use it in everyday commuting track days?
i would love to get some sportmax 002's and do the whole routine( lowered, camber, pulled and rolled fenders) but i want to be able to toss my miata around without rubbing or popping a tire off the rim... :shock: cause i have already fallen in love with the way my car handles and i dont wanna lose that.
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i have this setup. it's my daily driver, and i have no issues with rubbing. i drive it on the track, take it out drifting as well as haul ass on the highway sometimes.

currently running a 215/45/15 with no problems

pics comming soon.
I'm running the Sportmax 002's with 195/45-15's and KYB AGX/FM springs with minimal rubbing as of yet, and it's my daily driver. I just got a fender roller, but I have yet to use it (hopefully tomorrow). I haven't had a chance to take it to the track yet, but I will in early September. I LOVE the way it feels and handles!
yeah. I love mysetup. Only problem is it is a little buzzy on the freeway....

check garage for pictures and specs.
I have 002's 195/50/15 tires with no problem. No rubbing or any of that stuff during hard driving, drifting, dripping, whatever...

The car is lower now and still no problems
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I have no problems, I rub a lil when2 people are in the car around a turn. But I am very very low. You can only stick 2 fingers under the front bumper...thats how low I am
I have stock fenders, no arch rolling, 15x8 on 195 50 15... Car is used on track and no rubbing problems. Its only got a 20mm drop though, and a good wack of camber, but the handling benfited from it, so I'm quite happy with it. Daily use is a joy :D !
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