Q for LSD on my 91 miata?!

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hello everyone, i just hop on ebay to look for a LSD(limited slip diff) and saw a few including obx, t2 helical, etc but they all listed for 94+ miata? how can i make this work on my car? and which one is good for daily,weekend autocross, maybe a bit drift also
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you need a 94+ rear differential carrier, a driveshaft, and axles.
how can i make this work on my car?
What turbored said. For future reference this info is available at in the Garage section under Drivetrain. The Garage section and the FAQ and the search function both here and at should always be your first stop when you have a technical question like this one that gets asked often. If it isn't answered there or you need clarification go ahead and ask away. Also don't forget to check out Randy Stocker's SOLOMIATA website:

Miata Limited Slip Differential Answers
Miata Drivetrain Interchange Guide

which one is good for daily,weekend autocross, maybe a bit drift also
You'll get a million different answers from a million different people. But the simple answer is for best performance get a clutch type LSD with the larger ring gear for the 1.8L cars along with the bigger housing and matching axles and driveshaft. Buy new MS diff mounts while you're at it.

You're next question will likely be which brand should you get and why not get a Torsen? To best answer this question I will give you a homework assignment: go over to the forum and spend some time with the search function and read all the old archived posts on the subject. The knowledgeable folks over there have discussed in detail the technical differences between the various types and brands of LSD including pros, cons, subjective and objective reviews. Like anything that has to do with tuning your Roadster there is no one "best" LSD. Get the one that best suits your budget and your preference. Since so much of tuning your car has to do with changing the way it feels only you can decide (often through experimentation) what parts you like best. Get out there and play with different setups on your car and don't be afraid to get dirty or try something new. Hopefully you'll meet some local friends that will even let you drive their cars so you can get first hand experience before deciding which one you like best. Be sure to report back on your experience. Good luck.
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i like the advice freedom gives. if not already researched lsd in full igotcrx... one question u will come upon concerning which lsd is best for autox, drift, course. the answer to it will lie in what u like most? as certain functioning lsd will contradict its use for something else...

1-way locking lsd for example, locks under accel loads. ideally good for fwd and rwd cars looking for fast manueverability, maximum grip under accel.

1.5 way locking- ideally used compromising between 1 and 2 way. some manuverability quirkiness lost.

2 way locking lsd- locks under accel and decel. mainly preferred by advanced drivers in course racing. this gives maximum grip while sacrificing manuverability.

one more thing- stragely enough, playing gran turismo 2 enough will also give you a better idea without spending the money and having fun while learing its characteristics. from that game u can learn what lsd is most suitable for the chosen track. so, i highly recommend some gaming
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