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hello all, i m fairly new on the board but i got a problem and maybe you guys can help me out!
well yesterday i change my oil/ filter and put a tusdo catback on my car! after a few hours of driving i notice a burning rubber smell, i though to myself maybe the exhaust gasket needs to be burn off or i drip some oil on the block( while changing the filter) and needs to burn off. but everthing seems to be looking fine :x
at night i took the car out again but this time the i rev it really high and i see my battery light came on the dash and there is no power steering? i pop the hood and see the alternater belt and power steering/ ac belt came off the crank pulley???
i put the alternator belt back on(didnt have time and put the power steering belt) but the belt seems to be smoking rubbing on something and wear out the side of the belt.
i drove it home with care(hwy and local) 30 minutes and it still smell like burning rubber. i need to order a belt from mazda becasuse i got one from auto zone and it wasnt as thick as the OE one!

Any idea why the belts pop out of the crank pulley? BTW i look at the crank pulley for a while and it wasnt wobbling
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