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hey guys, does anyone like..

black leather seats


faux wood interior plastics.

or are they 2nd rate parts. reason being i just picked up a NA and the thing has leather and faux wood. are these things worth more or less than the corresponding cloth / plain interior plastics. may want to trade or something, figured i'd get some info here b4 i post it up. thanks :wink:

Not my first choice for interior options, but not the worst either. I would favor a red interior, which is what I will do to mine. Black interior is nice too, my brother's is black leather. So long as it is leather, I am pretty much happy. As far as the wood overlay, I find it a tad cheesy. It is a flat laminent that sticks over a molded piece of plastic trim. I like the idea of wood trim, however this is the wrong execution. Ideally, I would have the entire trim piece wood covered, not just the face. does conversions, so if you send them your trim pieces, they will overlay the entire part in wood, or whatever trim you want...but it is the whole piece, not just the face.
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