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This mod is to make both driver and passenger buttons into one-touch auto-down.

Now if we can just find someone to translate the Japanese!


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OK, how do I get an avatar to display on the left like your interior?
And where'd you get that gleaming emblem?

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Mak and I translated it months ago buy I never posted it



I'm so busy these days...if someone wants to do the work of making a web page, I'd be happy to host it.

I can send you the text file of the translation of the caption for each photo. You'd need to cut up the images and put them in a webpage with the corresponding English captions.

Let me know...


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Translation for archive purposes in case file no longer works:

right column
1 open side tip by minus driver, phillips screw driver, dont broke tips
2 to open the cover, 4 tips were unlocked. then you can see SW trigger
3 put out sw trigger by screw driver, you need more strong work, it's sticking hard.
4 SW trigger is soft, so you may not broke them. remove circuit board from case
5 unscrew 3 screws on case
6 cut the zip tie
7 now you can take out the pcb from the case
8 undo this work again to the other sw case, you need 2 same PCB

column 2
1 remove passenger sw on main pcb, and remove driver sw on sub pcb
2 remove white base of sw which you took out on pcb, using nipper
3 cutting circuit on pcb by small knife
4 front side of pcb. move away/move away/scrape off copper print from board 3 circuit line pointed by arrow
5 back side of pcb. isolate/cut out from circuit 2 pointed area from circuit line

column 3
Note: the following work is done on main pcb (removed passenger side SW is main)
1/2 remove solder and drill hole to fit the sw / clean the hole of open wider the hole
(col. 3 pics 2 and 3 there is soldering of 2nd driver switch onto main PCB)
3 apply white base parts of driver's side sw (remove from sub pcb) to main pcb/solder driver sw on main pcb with correct base / note: 2 white bases are different
4 sub PCB (removed driver sw) (if you want, you can remove passenger sw on sub pcb, it's no use. ) remove wires on 2 arrows and solder wires to points where the driver sw was soldered

column 4
1/2 solder wires from sub pcb to main pcb passenger position/red(power) on sub to red on main /black on sub to black on main/sub red/white to red/blue on main
3 make hole in case for wires from sub pcb
4 put main pcb into case and attach buttons
5 wrap the sub pcb by vinyl tape to avoid trouble
6 here is enough room beneath center console for sticking sub pcb

NA6 owner needs more wire. early na6 doesn't have auto sw even only driver's side, so the length of the wire is not enough. simply cut the original wire and add the wire to same color.

"FC switch is looks cool in red letter and assumed to fit in the shape, but doesn't match to Roadster absolutely"

Thanks to whoever actually performed the translation and thanks to Bill the pics.

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Anyone accomplish this yet?

I finally obtained the two switches and got right into the middle of this thing and it is as clear as mud. :?

Can't quite figure out where the wires from the modified sub pcb are connected on the main pcb.

Also, in the translation referring to Column 2, Steps 3,4,5 is this on the Main pcb? It's confusing since the next instruction for column 3 specifically calls out the instructions following are for the main pcb.

Maybe I shouldn't do this at midnight.
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