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If you're looking to add more style to your Mazda Miata and enhance its aerodynamic capabilities at the same time, make sure to check out our selection of distinctively styled body kits from Kuhl Racing. It is a world well-known Japanese-based company, considered to be a real trendsetter of the aftermarket world.

To help you set your MX-5 apart from all the rest on the road, their engineers have developed an application specific complete body kit for it. Depending on your styling needs and wants, choose 4 or 6 piece bundle to transform the outer looks of your ride. Each component comes well-balanced and is manufactured from the finest quality sturdy, yet lightweight materials to ensure outstanding durability and everlasting reliability.

See the list of the parts included, prices, and other important details on this kit at CARiD:

Complete Body Kit by Kuhl Racing at

Price: $1,869.00 - $3,429.00;
Material: Fiberglass;
Comes unpainted;
Quantity: 6 pieces / 4 pieces;

* All items listed and sold by Kuhl Racing USA are intended for use on closed circuits and may not be legal for public street use in all states. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check and comply with all applicable state laws and regulations;
* The product will come unpainted and some fitment adjustment and modification may be required;

If you're really into a heavy modified build, make sure to get it completed by installing a super-stylish and unique Body Kit by Kuhl Racing!
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