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Last week, I tried to install a head unit. I did all the wiring but didn't actually put the head unit in. The old stock head unit was still working at that time, which means it was still getting a constant voltage power source.
It was raining 3 days ago and all of a sudden my windshield wipers stop working. Also, when i tried to put the head unit (new and old) in this weekend, there was no constant voltage source. (the blue and red wire). I check it pre-connector (so i am checking for power on the stock wiring), and there is still no voltage.
Did i fry a fuse?
Also, my wipers fuse is working so I don't know what is causing my wipers to not work too.
I typed this up fast so please excuse and grammar errors. I am looking for quick response.
Thank you for your time.
If this doesn't make sense, I will try to make things clear
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