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First time I've seen them on a car. $5,000 a piece in either 20" or 22"

I guess I'm getting super-flares for the miata. :mrgreen:

(oh.. and something like 30 lbs a wheel..)

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I remember the drift wasn't really a drift... it was basically a stupid @ss with a Z350 doing donuts...

Anyway I wanted to say that they look really nice on the new S-Class...very cool!

Of I have to agree with all the above concerns regarding dust and cooling but seriously these cars are getting washed every that's not a problem...

Regarding cooling now I'm not quite sure how much cooling a normal wheel can provide...I guess it does provide some but I wouldn't think something great because you don't have good flow of air!
In that sense these wheels with proper brake ducting might be able to provide more smooth flow of air since we have to deal with a "solid" surface so the engineers can do some analysis (where to place the ducts from inside)...

Btw I don't know why the wheels with cooling blades are not popular anymore...?
I remember in the late 80's most of the group A rally car (like Lancia Delta HF) cars had these wheels!

In the 90's one of the best Gti cars the Renault Clio 1.8 had also wheels with blades directing the air in the brakes...
Why not anymore?
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