Raleigh Area Owners.

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Just wondering who lives around the Raleigh area, and if maybe sometime some of you all would like to meet up on a nice day.
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Here here. I have a red base '93 that is basically stock. I have been doing all sorts of maintenance and finally got back on the road this weekend after a long drawn out timing belt install. I still have to do a clutch job, but have all of the parts to do so waiting patiently in my garage.

My weekends are pretty hectic until the first of May. I work full time and am a part time graduate student at State. Hopefully then we can do some Saturday morning drives. I'm in North Raleigh close to 401.
Hope to get my clutch changed out in the next month or so after my classes end. Anyone want to help? :mrgreen:
This belong/belonged to anyone on the board?

Depends on when/where you want to do your clutch.
My home garage/tool collection is capable, but I may have a guy here at work helping me out in the work shop (still no lift).

Classes are over on May 8th so I won't start on it until then. I have all the parts waiting.
Why don't we plan a meet for the second coming of Jesus (to NC). When do you get into town exactly?
Alright. I'm going to get this party started. Let's meet on Tuesday May 29 at Triangle Town Center Mall. That will give KFJ a week or so to settle in. Let me scope out a good area in the mall.

Good central location for the north Raleigh and Cary folks. Plus they have huge empty lots.

Agree? Oppose? I figure Tuesday is a good neutral day.
lol, nowhere near central, but I'm game..
Aren't some of the guys coming from Henderson/Franklinton area?
Tuesday May 29th at 7pm. Sears Parking lot of Triangle Town Center. My car may be in pieces, so I may have to drive my other race car (CRV).
Long Road Racing is the kind of place that if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it. Top notch none the less.
1. AdvancedSpecV.....white NB, Toney
2. my buddy.....white NA, Kyle
3. ScreaminE....Red NA, Scott
If anyone gets downright bored on Monday I will be replacing my clutch. Wife is working and im home all day.
We are only going to tell the people who show up next week if it will be a weekly meet or not.

I keed :mrgreen:
And let me say that if you're coming out to act like Johnny Racecar and try to prove how fast your car is/ how good you can drive in public parking lot... Don't bother coming. Please. We are meeting in a public place without any real permission. Let's not make an ass out of ourselves.
I might be down for this. If you can stand listening to me whine about the heat until I reacclimate to it. Maybe I spray PAM on my leg to keep my balls from sticking to it.
Just found out my inlaws will still be in town so I won't be working Monday.
Looking like poopy weather this evening. I guess we can play it by ear. I will call it on/off by 5 if that's okay.
Dark clouds and spitting rain in NE Raleigh. Radar is nasty as well. This one is CANCELED!!!! Lets try again sometime next week.
Now the weather is perfect and the radar is clear. I will be over there around 7 for those who haven't seen this thread or for those who still want to come. I've really dropped the ball on this one.
I think we were pretty happy with the spot over at Triangle Town Center. There is even an empty parking garage we can use for rainy nights.

I have some commitments on Tuesday nights from here on out, but was thinking of making this an every other Wednesday event (or possibly every Wednesday). Maybe even a meet, eat, and drive. 7pm next Wednesday June 6?

All in favor? Oppose?
I suggested Wednesday because that's the easiest day for me. If that's okay let's lock in Wednesday at 7pm.

All in favor?
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