Raleigh Area Owners.

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Just wondering who lives around the Raleigh area, and if maybe sometime some of you all would like to meet up on a nice day.
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I'm in Raleigh/Cary & have a stripped white NA with h/t. There is a pretty good group of imports that meet at the Sonic on Buck Jones Rd, Fridays at 9pm
Not that I know of, But I think I've seen your car out and about
Franklinton has some awesome back roads!
sweet, still heading towards cary?
cool. Lots of good breweries in the area, if you are in to that kind of thing. And the big weekly car meetup (or at least the only one I know of) is right in between raleigh/cary on friday nights from about 9-until.
This belong/belonged to anyone on the board?

Depends on when/where you want to do your clutch.
Not on the roads I have to travel. Downtown can be a brutal bitch.
that's cool stuff.
Good central location for the north Raleigh and Cary folks.
lol, nowhere near central, but I'm game..
Anyone hitting the sonic meet tonight? I might show up, if I don't decide that drinking is more fun.
sonic on 109 Jones Franklin Road Raleigh, NC 27606

Wolfpack car club, and imports NC meet out there around 8:30-until whenever. Good mix of cars, and generally nice folks.
Performance Chassis in Cary, is the best. Andrew is only person I let work on my vehicles, besides myself.

214 Hillsboro Street Cary, NC 27513
(919) 319-3484
Long Road Racing is in Raleigh, too. They are supposedly top notch, and charge $$$ like it! have never been up there to meet them, but they are kinda big-time racers (spec, grand am). Carl Cason (sports cars & compacts) does know his stuff, but his labor rates/hours are insanely inflated. He wanted almost $1000 to do a clutch job, with me supplying the parts. That was a few years back, and things might be different, but I do not know.
1. AdvancedSpecV...white NB, Toney
2. my buddy............white NA, Kyle
3. ScreaminE............Red NA, Scott
4. kung fu NA, Steve
5. DemonIAm...........White NA, Tony
6. mhogan0.............Black NA,
If I'm not brewing up some more beer, I might be around
who is this, and can some one buy it for me?

way too much stereo stuff though
aww man, I was hoping to impress people with my 98hp donut skillzzz
ugh. I am rocking a migraine from hell. Hopefully I will feel up to going tonight. For now, I'm laying down
my car is getting wheels and an alignment tonight.

always fucking excuses...
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